The Pied Piper of Hamelin

As a child, this was one of my favorite stories.

We all know the story, that how the town of Hamelin in Germany was infested with rats, and then when it got too out of hand, the townsfolk gathered outside the town hall to demand a solution from the mayor. The mayor decides to get rid of the rats but couldn’t come up with anything efficient. At last he, the mayor, offers 1000 gold pieces to anyone who solves this problem.

And next day a stranger comes to Hamelin in colorful clothes, and a silver pipe. Walks towards the town hall, he tells the mayor that he will get rid of the rats for 1000 gold pieces. The mayor agrees. He starts playing his pipe, which goes out to all the rats, they start following the piper. He leads all the rats into a river outside the town, steps in while playing his pipe, and sees all rats going inside one by one, until all of them are gone.

Then he comes back to claim his reward amidst all the town folk cheering and celebrating. He asks the mayor for his reward and the mayor laughs at the piper and refuses by saying you just played your silly pipe and the rats ran into the river themselves, for this you will only get 50 pieces.

Ridiculed and mocked, the piper goes away. He comes back the next day, and plays another note on his pipe, this time his tune goes out to the children. They start following him outside the town until he reaches a mountain, he opens a door into the mountain and goes inside, the children still following him, until all of them disappear inside, and the door closes. But there was one crippled boy on crutches who couldn’t keep up. When the towns folk reach the mountain in panic, he tells them there were clean rivers and beautiful sounds on the other side and all kinds of places of fun.
But they don’t listen to him. Saddened by this loss, they decide never to give away promises they can’t keep.

It was not until now that i realized the story was a little cruel and gritty. I kind of like it, as it strikes a good lesson. It’s in the picture.


That we have to honor our promises.

The Red Light on a Camera

I don’t watch TV.

I used to, now i don’t. The camera happy people don’t know what they’re doing. They’re just doing it. Running to every calamity with the record light turned on, makes me think, their job description is heavily flawed.

Back when times were ‘normal’ i used to watch Saturday and Thursday night movies, you would be surprised, but i would sit with my mother to watch a cooking show too (feeling like sleeping through all of it though). Comedies, educational programs on discovery channel, Sports (i am a fan of Soccer, Tennis and Cricket).

From a couple of years or so, every second channel i turn to is a News Channel. They need to re-think what they want the society to be aware of, they aren’t understanding it.

You see, if i am sitting in my home in area A, and somebody’s purse got snatch in area Z, i wouldn’t know it if they don’t inform me, i might cross area Z sometime and become a victim myself. But if every single occurrence of that sort in area Z gets televised, naturally i will become defensive to a point that i would start worrying about area A too.


No matter how peaceful area A is. I would become skeptical. Now how about televising everything that’s happening in the world?. Sometimes i go,’I don’t think i needed to know that’, really. Wasn’t i living the same calm life when there were no news channels?. I think i was living a pretty decent life with less stereotypical tendencies around me.

Same can’t be said about today. The most shallowest and most misguided stuff gets on air these days, and everyone watches it.

People of Media – You need to know when to turn you cameras off.


The Protagonist and The Antagonist

It’s just my analysis. I keep thinking about writing on topics that would represent my extroversion towards life, but curiously when i want to write about something, my inner introvert grabs hold of me, every time i intend to write, yes, it happens every single time. And i can’t escape it. Anyways, let me start. I don’t find this a light topic, i presume neither will you.

A protagonist, and an antagonist. Almost all matters depend on these two entities.

I’m talking about God and Satan. And i’m not referring to any religion here. I’m talking about both of them as the protagonist and the antagonist in this matter of life. The life you and i live.

Satan was God’s favorite angel. He was obedient and loyal, and he served/prayed to God more than any other angel. But God had to shape a creation that would exalt all other creations. Human beings. He created Adam, a human. He wanted Satan to bow to Adam, he wanted his favorite angel to bow to a human being, so we can imagine what importance Adam had.

But Satan refused.

‘I’m made from Fire, he from Sand, i am superior’.

And he didn’t bow to Adam, he refused God’s command. So he was boastful of something he had not created himself, after all, Satan didn’t create himself, but he was boastful of his existence, or his coming into being. God didn’t approve of that, so he (Satan) was cast out of heaven, he did plead though, cunning in his ways as he is, he pleaded to be spared till the Judgement Day.

God’s grace, ever so bestowing, spared Satan till Judgement Day. Then he proclaimed, that he will lead astray all his mankind which resembles Adam. Because he was driven by Vanity. He couldn’t digest the thought that his kind would bow to another kind. And when God allowed him that by saying that God’s people will never follow in his (Satan’s) paths.

This is a dispute.

We have to realize that.

Not ours, but theirs. And we are the reason.

Metaphorically speaking, there are a few very renounced disputes of land in our world. Countries fight to gain a piece of land. Regardless of who gets it, the land is important.

Picture a piece of land in your head, and then picture two contenders on it’s left and right.

Now picture yourself in your head, and then picture Satan and God on your left and right.

It’s their war for you, yes, you’re that important. You see Satan is not here for running errands, he has an agenda. He wants to prove a point, that humankind is evil/bad.

God’s point is different, he doesn’t need to prove, he knows that humankind is good.

Otherwise i don’t see a point why we are tempted towards good and evil at the same time. We have a basic nature, all our strength depends on that. And the interesting thing is, it’s composed of both good and evil. We just need to choose which one to yield to.

Pick a side ladies and gentlemen, the “war” isn’t over.

You're that important

We, The Zombies and A Future Apocalypse

Zombie (Haitian CreolezonbiNorth Mbundunzumbe) is a term used to denote an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means such as witchcraft.[1]The term is often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotized person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli.

An Apocalypse (Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis; “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”) is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted.

Source : Wikipedia

I can’t seem to ignore much fuss that is found all over internet about this, Zombie Apocalypse. Maybe fuss is a misused term here, it’s rather joked about.

What’s it about?. Shotguns blowing the brains out of a Zombie?. Of course there can be numerous theories on this.

Media is strong, it’s the controlling medium which has it’s finger on the very heartbeat of masses. Back when the world was a simpler place, or a safer place, the society was free in the truest sense of the word. Modest, approachable and morally uplifting. Modern in accordance with its age, though some circles were still regarded as conservative, as it has been the tradition of the world.

In 1996, if my memory assists me, i used to have a bicycle, it was one of my favorite activities to bike along the neighborhood in the evening. At weekends, my father used to take me and the sisters to a local park, of course my bicycle would be with me. One day, when we came back from the park, my bicycle was in the car, as i was a kid, and as kids are always worried about their ‘play stuff’, i asked my father to not leave my bicycle in the car, and he replied, ‘It’s ok, leave it there, no one is going to steal your cycle’.

And no one did.

Last year, in 2010, i was in the car with my uncle coming back from somewhere i don’t remember, we parked outside his house, we were to return to a project site after taking our lunch, we needed half and hour or so. Mistakenly, he left his cell phone in the car, and asked me to go and get it, i said, ‘It’s ok uncle, it’s only 30 minutes, nobody’s going to steal it’, and he replied,’You never know these days’.

And he was right. I brought the cell phone back, but both of us weren’t ready to leave a cell phone in the car.

Are we facing a decline in human morals?. Yes, we are.

It’s nothing new to talk about, but it’s the most ignored attribute of the human race, at least in today’s world. When we are hit by a modern day consumerist era. We are put in a race against ourselves. I will not repeat what it has done to our race, but its effects are derogatory to us in general, and it has been successful in stripping us of our moral values, in particular.

I see everywhere, people want to improve their socioeconomic condition. They have a right to, i don’t object to that, i am to a certain extent, a part of it. But in that exertion, they choose to acquire it through any means possible. Lying (big or small) is just tip of the iceberg.

Everywhere, at work places, social gatherings, educational facilities, even healthcare facilities, people would resort to choose any means which makes them safe from a situation that might deprive them from this improvement they’re trying to acquire.

We have no intention to bring harm to anyone because of it, but we’re desperate to remain stagnant, and harm does come when it piles up. And we aren’t aware of it, neither conscious of it. We have lost it in a race against ourselves. We are driven by corporations and majority of us are brainless consumers.

Except a select few of course.

There will be no fiction, there will be no bringing back by some mystical means or witchcraft, the Zombies of our age are found among ourselves, bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli. 

Blindly following the trending consumerism and following a stark and morally declined hedonist culture, doing everything in the name of fun, like there’s no tomorrow, like there’s no accountability.

It’s a funny notion though, when zombies are shown in fiction movies/cartoons, chasing a human for his or her BRAIN.

Have they lost theirs?. Well, most of them have.

No one can deny the end of this world or an Apocalypse, what we as humans with limited knowledge have missed is that the Apocalypse isn’t approaching us, we are approaching it. But the question is, how?.

As the select few?, or as the Zombies.

When the outbreak occurs among ourselves, the select few will be greatly envied, you mark my words, ENVIED. The select few who haven’t lost their brains. In my opinion, what separates us from those future zombies are, morals.

Morals which mustn’t be ignored, or tampered with. They are our shield from this decline. We must hold on to them.

Devil does bad, Angels do good, we humans are capable of doing both. But we are given the will, having the power to do bad but still choosing to do good (or that which is right) separates us from other creations. We humans, supersede any other creation, and to choose to do good and not bad, requires morals.

So hold on fast to them, we must not get marred by temptation, the shine and glitter of the morally declining world. We are tempted or distracted easily, and the ones in power KNOW THIS.

Choose to do good, having the power to do bad. Surely there will be Zombies and the select few in the future, the question is..

Which one are you?.

The Who

The balance of life can’t depend on ‘NOTHING’.

This concept maybe regarded as too conventional to write something on, because of the fact that we as humans, have tried and offered countless numbers of theories where we pretend to understand our origin.

Take me for example, i know that i was born to my parents, lets chain back it a little, they were born to their parents, their parents were born to their parents, i will stop the backward hierarchy here as i am afraid i will step into a delusional phase and would start gibbering, annoying to the reader and my neurological responses.

So, where did it actually start?. Was there NOTHING in the start?. I used to play a lot of computer games in my late teenage years, lets say, i went further and played it till age 22 or 23, i was adept at strategy games. In the beginning of a scenario, there was a plain piece of land with NOTHING showing on it except the plain fields, grass, rocks, barren lands etc.

So i start building structures which contributes to different aspects of a human’s life. Various social, economic, military, resource structures, commuting even. Small computer generated humans would roam here and there, military personnel as well.

In about half and hour or so, the whole barren piece of land would present a throbbing sight of a fully built locality. Life as we may say it, can be seen gushing through which once was a barren piece of land. So i pull my chair back, leave the control of the mouse, don’t get me wrong i am talking about a PC mouse, i don’t believe in using rodents to control a cursor on my screen. I am sure Bill Gates would have his legally driven reservations on that, or maybe not, well lets get back to the topic. So after leaving the mouse i would look at that city i have just built, how it’s functioning and all those imaginary euphoric sensations that come with it.

And i think to myself, if i leave the room now and begone, and afterwards a stranger enters who witnesses the sheer magnificence of this city, would he burst and say, ‘Who on earth created this?!’.

All of what i wrote above is metaphorical. Yes, it is.

Because i don’t mean the strategy game that was developed by those targeting commercial hounds sitting in wide air conditioned rooms, i am talking about us. We, the 6 Billion.

We move around, all that moves around us, was it all a piece of barren land?. Did i just slip into discussing a differential dogma of that controversial Theory of Evolution?. No.

The question of my creation that i just can’t seem to ignore, is what started all of.. of  THIS?! 

Someone in an air conditioned room with an i7 core processor PC?. No?, so who?.

People from within our social structures have different names for the Who. Because i believe that there is an established natural order of things around us, no matter how hellish and gigantic the negation, in the grand scheme of things, the reality stays stagnant. Why is it that no matter how befitting and immaculate our technological advancement, a natural disaster wipes it all?. Why is it that our hands haven’t grasped the core of the process that keeps things running?. Surely we can build and structure our time in 24 hours, call it a day, build a whole consumer based business on what we call a ‘Watch’ and put it on our wrists, which only tells us, are we clever enough to tell it something?. Because the complexity of all the mechanism that runs through the core of all functioning beings is too much to be controlled by multiple sources. There has to be a single controlling force for things to be in order.

There is an existence of that Who, and i believe The Who to be Allah. People from different schools of thought have different names, and i have respect for all of their views, maybe it’s a theological concept, also people who don’t believe in a supreme being are not in anyway different, maybe they differ in theological views, but as humans we are all living souls, that’s the first thing that keeps us together. So that all of us are sustained in a particular, symmetric manner. The touchstone of human unity.

Well, there it goes, my first attempt at transitioning my brain through a keyboard.

Salutations (and confections). Sorry, i cant resist those.